If there’s one thing that Instagram users like, it’s followers. To have a large following is akin to a badge of honour in the world of the ever-growing social media app, Instagram. While some are happy to let these followers come in naturally and use Instagram as intended; there’s a whole other side of the platform that only the really dedicated will ever uncover.

The flip-side of the coin is home to the truly competitive users, users that see the true value of Instagram followers and embark on journeys to accumulate as many as possible in a bid to grow their profiles and reach the dizzying heights of the top ranks of their favourite social media site. In a bid to gain followers, Instagram users deploy a number of techniques, tips and tricks. One of these is to sit on Instagram for hours on-end following famous profiles with a hope they will be followed back in return and then, after some time, unfollowing the profiles before repeating the process time and time again. While this works (in the end), it is a very slow process and will result in lost followers over time.

Some claim to hold a magical formula that will bring in followers when applied. While this seems a tempting option, it is one to be avoided, at all costs. There is no formula that will flood your profile with followers and these people are only out to earn a quick, dishonest buck from unknowing users.
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While this sounds like cheating and may seem unfair, the truth is that when you buy Instagram followers you’re simply deploying the same methods as many celebrities, international corporations and, more importantly, your competition.
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