We have already covered the ins-and-outs of boosting your profile by buying Instagram followers and likes. We mentioned the benefits of doing so, the sheer scale on which it is done and explained some of the less scrupulous ways in which some people make money from naïve social media users, with deceptive and sometimes ingenious techniques. Promises are made that they hold a secret formula to bringing in an influx of traffic to your Instagram profile. These people are well-versed in the ways of trickery and will often show fake screenshots pertaining to people they have “helped” in the past.

Now, it doesn’t take a modern-day Einstein to know that if something’s too good to be true, it so often is. That being said, what about the more incognito of these digital con artists? What about those that have the best of intentions but lack the knowledge, reputation or attention to quality to give you a perfect service of the highest quality? There are many known website scams such as Buzzoid, Instaboostgram, Idigic and company… it just takes a quick search on Google to find out hundreds of negative reviews about them of customers who have not received their Instagram followers or likes.

Just as there’s those out there that want to take your money in exchange for bogus methods to achieve fame; there’s also those that sell likes and followers and offer a less-than acceptable service. Using a service to buy these engagements needs to be done with great care and while exercising total vigilance. There’s a magnitude of social media panels that sell low-quality followers and likes to you for sometimes good -but so often not- prices. Regardless of the price you pay, these services, intentionally or not, affectively scam you in the long term and can have disastrous effects on both your profile and indeed, your wallet.

Selling low-quality followers is both easier and more cost-effective to the seller. This makes it an easy road to follow for them but with less than adequate outcomes for the buyer. These, followers are often sent via infected computers, meaning that when they realise they’re following you, they will likely unfollow with haste. Consequently, your newly-purchased followers will drop like flies from your count. Leaving you with none of the followers you bought and out of pocket.

To avoid these risks, it’s crucial that you choose a reputable company from which to buy your followers and remember that a little research can go a long way.
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