Common Questions and Responses

Why choose use?

Being a service that has existed since Instagram’s very birth, we are proudly able to say our followers and likes are the highest quality you’ll find anywhere. Our team is made of seasoned experts in the arts of promoting, social boosting and media growing. We’ve brought many unknown no-names to the state of global popularity, and still do to this very day.

How long does it take to complete my order?

Within a few hours. It all depends on the package size, Instagram followers can in some cases take longer. More information can be found at the package description.

Is buying followers a wise investment?

Absolutely. Looking at Instagram’s insane presence on the Internet and the popularity it grants some people, followers are the essence of being known. No matter who you are or what is your profession, you need Instagram to be able to grow as a person on the Internet. A lack of followers will make you get ignored by other people who will consider you too lowly to deal with you. We at FollowerPro believe success and popularity should be at the reach of everyone, which is why we offer you our services at cheap, affordable prices.

What about likes?

Likes are arguably, if not assuredly as important as followers when it comes to becoming more popular. Should your pictures have lots of likes, they’ll draw other people’s attention. Likes are also representative of the quality of your content; having unliked pictures just makes it less desirable to follow you and keep up to date with your content.

Can I get my Instagram banned when I buy followers and/or likes?

No. ProFollower has been dealing with Instagram followers and likes for four years, ever since Instagram appeared on the market. If accounts were banned by using our service, we would have disappeared years ago. Your account is in no danger of getting banned whatsoever when using our services, contrarily to other Instagram services on the Internet.