Yes, it is completely safe without any exceptions. Instagram does not penalize the corresponding user for activities that have been taken place outside of the account. Regardless of how many followers and/or likes you are going to purchase and eventually receive, this wouldn’t result on any restrictions on your account.

The amount of followers/likes is also not an exception for that matter – their count will not be a cause for a closure under any circumstances. This is not only mentioned in Instagram’s policy and terms of agreement but it is also logical. They would never even put a finger on any account when the user does not control activities associated to his account without his prior knowledge of such. If there was even the slightest of chance of getting penalized, rest assure that we would, and are required, inform you of this prior to your purchase of our services.

A lot of people and our clients as well, tend to think that this is illegal but you will be surprised and happy to know that it is perfectly legal and does not go against any single term of Instagram’s. Our followers are not just a simple network of bots so you don’t have to worry about anything related to that either. Instagram does not inspect automatically or manually any of the followers or likes of a certain account. Even if they did, they would never take a chance of restricting one’s account due to its popularity. Instagram favors its users and expecially those with a larger audience which are also better recognized as this helps their social media grow.

Do not let concerns cloud your judgement and trust in our experience and services without a doubt! Place your order now and you will be more than confident on your next one!