Instagram isn’t simply a social media for funny images, and “Wow!” moments; though it does have a fair few of those. With over 100 million users, and since it was recently purchases by facebook, the growth of Intagram is not to slow down any time soon. As a matter of fact, Instagram is estimated to be worth $35 billion. It’s about time you start to take it seriously as a way to promote your association/business.

Instagram is a photo and video based mobile social media platform. Users connect with each other by sharing photographs or short video clips of their lives. Like all major social media channels, Intagram must be a part of your marketing strategy, and odds are it can and will seriously improve your company’s awareness, reputation and customer engagement.

Here are some ways that you can make it happen:

Advertise Your Products

The best way to use Instagram to promote your business to showcase your product range in the form of photos/pictures. A picture says a thousand words, and in this case it could also sell a thousand products. Per instance, a mouth-drooling picture of your pastries would definitely boost your sales, and even then the possibilities for monetization and publicity through Instagram are endless.

Share some of your more unique and unknown products, showcase your newest products or take dark pictures of the latter, asking your followers to guess the nature of said product.

For services companies, taking pictures of your equipment is a good idea; the clockwork and instruments of your smooth service, per instance. For example, if you run a swimming pool, show off the showers, and make sure you’ve cleaned them.

Demonstrate the Making of The Product

In social media channels, audience engagement is essential, and it is no longer good enough to flash a picture of a company logo in someone’s face and expect them to react positively. People like to feel that they are involved in your business, and making them understand the process behind your products makes them feel as if they’re a part of your success as a company. Take snapshots and publish tutorials on how to replicate and use your products.

Show your Products being used

To display your products being used is the best way to advertise them. Publish photos of you using them, or like Dominos Pizza, ask your followers/customers to send you pictures of them using said products. This is bound to make your product more popular, recognizable as a national figure and subsquently trustworthy.


After success of your products must come competition with other products. Rewarding your customers with a discount and/or a prize might be a good idea to make your products more popular when compared to others. Be sure to offer a good prize, it’ll make you look better than other companies that just sit back and treat their customers like machines.

Behind The Scenes

There’s more standing behind your product than its components; publish photos of your staff and/or employees working on said product, or of your working environment. The more charming your environment is, the more popular your posts will get, and even if they don’t getting closer to your customers is always a good idea.

Reward Your Followers

Be sure to interact with your followers to make them feel rewarded for their efforts towards you as a company. Follow them back, answer their questions, make them feel special through giveaways, contests with high prizes, or even job opportunities in your business.

Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Business With Pleasure

Instagram effectively destroysthe barriers that might once have existed between business and consumer. Commoners are now closer to big companies, names and brands then they ever were. As a result people do not only want to see information that relates directly to the sale of your product; they also want to know the human behind the business. They want to feel the emotion. Do not be afraid to share something funny that you found on the internet, a cute picture of a dog, an epic moment from your life, or even some personal thoughts and feelings about something completely unrelated. The human touch is really important.