Did you know that Instagram currently has over 200 million monthly users? What about the fact that 1.6 billion likes occur every day? Or how about the fact that engagement rates on Instagram are several times higher than they are on either Facebook or Twitter. And yet, only around 30% of digital marketers are actively marketing on the platform. In other words, Instagram is like a giant, untapped market just waiting for you to jump in. Potential customers are there. Countless opportunities are there. The only real question is, are you there?

If you haven’t spent much time developing a presence on Instagram, you don’t have to beat yourself up. Sure, you could spend weeks – and even months – posting every day in hopes of catching some eyes, getting some likes, receiving some comments. Think about all the effort that entails. Taking pictures and videos, editing them, adding filters and text, and then posting them and hoping you get something for your hard work. If you’ve used Instagram for long, you know how frustrating it can be to post the perfect image, only to find that it gets no engagement whatsoever. And then you wonder whether all that time spent perfecting your uploaded images was worth it. You can continue to put in all of that hard work… you can continue hoping you have an image that finally goes viral… or you can take the easy route: Buy followers.

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