This is the point where many social media panel websites will lie to you – tell you that there’s no possible way you can lose followers and that they would be there indefinitely for as long as you wanted them to be. However, here at PROFollower, we believe that honesty is always the best policy and one we owe to all our customers to withhold. After all, we never got to where we are today without our loyal customers and excellent customer relations.

If truth be told, no social media panel can honestly tell you that there’s no chance of you losing your followers and we’re no different. Just like real followers, followers that have been purchased can have a change of heart and unfollow you later down the line.

I mentioned, in a previous article that it’s important to buy followers from a highly-reputed source. There’s a lot of hastily-made or outright scam sites across the WWW, with some even using “botted” profiles which are made automatically with an account creation tool and used to follow buyers’ profiles. The problem with these is that they rarely -if ever- post content or gain followers for themselves. This unhealthy activity can fast be flagged by Instagram who, in turn, delete your followers – real and purchased alike.
Another common -and much more sinister- practice deployed by the more unscrupulous of vendors is using zombie computers to follow your profile. Zombie computers are systems that have been infected by the panel and are under their control. They then use these computers to follow your profile. This is a highly illegal method and one that Instagram takes with the greatest of gravity. Even though this will be done unbeknownst to yourself, you could be risking your entire account.

With all being said, the importance of buying from a reputable, well-established social media panel becomes increasingly more evident. It’s crucial that you do a little research to and exercise caution when choosing a social media panel to buy your followers from.

We are one of the leading social media panels on the internet and we can proudly boast the lowest drop-rate on the market. This accolade was achieved through using nothing but high-quality means to bring you, the customer, the best available followers on the Worldwide Web. Not only do we offer the most steadfast followers but we are also happy to encourage further peace of mind by offering a 31-day guarantee on all our followers. So, if you do lose any in this time, we will be happy to replace them for you right away. Our aftercare team are available around the clock and always more than happy to answer any questions or resolve any issues in a timely manner.